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From the comfort of your own home, order GYNALAC online and enjoy discreet shipping directly to your door.

GYNALAC is available without a prescription in the feminine hygiene section of many major retail pharmacies across Canada. Below you will find links to various pharmacies where you can currently purchase GYNALAC. Call your local pharmacist to make sure the product is in stock.






  • Helps to relieve and prevent symptoms of bacterial vaginosis
  • Eliminates abnormal vaginal discharge & odor
  • Provides relief of itching, dryness & burning
  • Restores Vaginal Flora via vaginal acidification to its normal physiological level, leading to:
    - Reduction in pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria
    - Increase of endogenous protective (friendly) Lactobacilli forming an important
    natural defense to infections
  • Is clinically proven to be effective at eliminating abnormal vaginal discharge and odor
  • Clinically proven in prophylaxis to restore normal vaginal pH and help prevent recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Developing a routine with GYNALAC that maintains a healthy pH balance in your vagina is the secret to preventing and eliminating vaginal odor, once and for all.