Treatment & Prevention

Treatment & Prevention

GYNALAC: Treatment & Prevention of Recurrent BV

In addition to relieving immediate symptoms of BV, GYNALAC can also be used to maintain the normal pH balance of the vagina and prevent recurrence of BV in the long term. Depending on whether you are using GYNALAC to relieve existing symptoms or prevent symptoms from occurring or recurring, it should be used for differing lengths of time.

Alternative to
antibiotic treatment
Follow-up to
antibiotic treatment

Frequent recurrences
For patients who are concerned or unable to take antibiotics, GYNALAC is clinically proven to eliminate abnormal vaginal discharge and odor. GYNALAC can also be recommended immediately after treatment with antibiotics to re-establish & maintain normal vaginal pH balance and help prevent recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis. GYNALAC can also be recommended in prophylaxis to maintain normal vaginal pH and help prevent recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis.
Administer a single application (3 mL) for 7 consecutive days. Administer a single application (3 mL) daily for 3 days after the end of antibiotic therapy. Administer a single application (3 mL) per day for 3 days immediately after the menstrual cycle, for a minimum of 6 months.


“Recurrence rates after antibiotic treatment in excess of 70% after 6 months have been described, even after successful antibiotic treatment… One possible explanation for the high rate of recurrence is that antibiotic treatment does not re-establish the protective lactobacilli following therapy.”


GYNALAC is ideal for use after antibiotics to promote lactobacillus regrowth.  Treatment with antibiotics can reduce lactobacillus (good bacteria) in the vagina, as well as the bad bacteria, and this may increase vaginal pH. This is why in many women, bacterial vaginosis comes back a few weeks after antibiotic BV treatment. A treatment with GYNALAC, immediately after antibiotic use will help balance the pH levels in your vagina back to its natural healthy acidic state, favoring the regrowth of the good Lactobacillus. These good Lactobacillus bacteria release all sorts of natural by-products including more lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide which further help to keep an acidic and healthy vaginal environment where bad bacteria cannot survive.


"You can prevent recurrences of vaginal odor: developing a routine, with GYNALAC, that maintains a healthy vaginal pH balance is the secret to conquering vaginal odor."


Just imagine how wonderful your life will be once the stress and embarrassment of dealing with BV everyday is gone!
    • No more embarrassing vaginal odor
    • No more slimy feeling
    • No more itching
    • No more discharge

"You are now empowered to conquer vaginal odor on your own and keep your body in balance."


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Mode of Action: GYNALAC combines two ingredients, normally produced by your vagina, to provide rapid relief of bacterial vaginosis and its symptoms. Click here to learn more about this antibiotic-free option!


Direction for Use: GYNALAC is very easy to use. Click here to learn more!