How does GYNALAC different from a regular douche?

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GYNALAC is a vaginal freshening gel – not a douche! Douching involves completely washing your vagina with a liquid, many of which contain harsh chemicals (like paraben preservatives). Douching disrupts the vaginal ecosystem – washing out the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria, and can increase the rates of vaginal infections, like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. GYNALAC is a gel that is inserted the vagina. It has the same pH as a healthy vagina and supports the vagina’s self-cleaning mechanisms. It is paraben-free and is isotonic, which means that the salt concentration of the gel is the same as healthy vaginal tissue. Unlike many douches and freshening gels that are hypertonic, GYNALAC will not dehydrate vaginal cells. Instead, GYNALAC keeps vaginal cells properly hydrated.